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Meet the innovative GTI Bi-Fuel technology

The response to greener adn more efficient operation of reciprocating equipment

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Meet the best and largest line of products for ignition, instrumentation and control of recirprocating equipment

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Esta vez en compañía de la empresa Brasilera líder en sistemas de gestión energética.

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We add value through our services


DEEP SEA synchronism relays Training, inverters, variable speed drives and control Swicthboard operation.

The service corresponding to training is based on getting operating personnel on site familiar and getting a good foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities for the proper operation and proper handling of different electrical and electromechanical systems, meeting the quality and safety schemes. Some of the equipment from which we offer specialized training  are: DEEPSEA sync modules, protection relays, variable speed drives, soft starters and control systems as we as ALTRONIC and GTI systems and devices.


Development of electrical engineering, DEEP SEA RELAYS sync with up to 32 units and implementation of these systems.

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FTC- Altronic Training Program : Introductory Service Schooluctory Service School

This is the introductory program to the full range of  ALTRONIC products : ignition,  instrumentation and control systems as well as accessories, is the perfect program for those with minimal knowledge or even those who have not had contact with the brand before: Field operators, process engineers, and energy asset coordinators responsible for managing any electric resources within industries. This training program generally takes a journey to the entire product line with theoretical and hands on approach to Altronic products. We will explain the operating philosophies of the products, demonstrating the operational and competitive advantages of ALTRONIC product some of which depend on its complex technological developments and delicate production systems that are well maintained, supervised and produced directly at  ALTRONIC in its facilities  in Girard, OHIO .

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FTC- ALTRONIC Advanced Training Program

Advanced Training program FTC-ALTRONIC: Advanced training programs consist of a deep approach to one or a selected group of ALTRONIC product lines depending on the needs of customers; this becomes a much deeper journey of a product or a product line, with a more practical than theoretical program. Assistants are taught how to handle and install and program the equipment. These programs are targeted to potential customers or those who are considering the installation of any of the ALTRONIC line of products and need a deeper understanding of the product functionalities and operating modes.

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FTC- ALTRONIC GTI Bi-Fuel Introductory Training Program

The immersion program for high-tech systems GTI Bi-Fuel, is a comprehensive course that covers most of the necessary knowledge for industries wishing to operate powered by GTI Bi-Fuel for reciprocating equipment. The seminar broadly explores how the system works, explains its economic and environmental advantages and facilitates compression into performance and operation of these systems, emphasizing on the optimal performance and improvements in achieved after deployment of the system. Topics like consumption, emissions reduction and other technical and operational parameters are covered, the course can also be design to meet specific need of current or potential users.

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characterization and analysis of charges

It consists of a diagnostic report done for the particular needs of each client , which may involve technical description or estimate of the behavior of the electric demand carcteristicas individually or collectively, to verify such aspects as:

- The right balance of loads of electrical circuits of the installation.

- Level of harmonics and system disturbances .

- Behavior Variables (current, voltage, power )

- Estimation of consumption and energy costs calculation

- Detection of energy efficiency opportunities

- Conformity of installations with respect to the Regulations

Through special measuring equipment , electrical variables capture for analysis and diagnosis of the behavior of Loads ( imbalances , consumption trends , overload, power quality , etc. ) is performed .

Customer Delivery diagnostic report and recommendation to improve the operating conditions of electrical loads .

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Testing Services and control tests for compliance with standards in electrical and electromechanical systems

Our organization offers diagnostic testing to electrical systems according to international standard with advanced technology devices for an accurate diagnosis. 


To ensure that equipment and facilities meet applicable regulations, our company counts with high-end measurement and analysis equipment for their verification. Each of the tests is demonstrated through a test protocol that includes the information identified by the corresponding standard. Some of the tests offered are:


Insulation resistance (Megger)
Contact resistance (microhmmeter)
Hi-pot applied voltage (HI.POT MEGGER TO 170 KV)
Control tests and protections ( SECONDARY INJECTION CMC-356)
Primary injection of current (INJECTION CASE CPC-100)

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Insulation Test

This test ensures that equipment and other items belonging to an electrical system is in good working order to ensure adequate electrical isolation levels that result in the safety of people and facilities.

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Contact resistance

It is a non-destructive test that allows the diagnosis of equipment in a high resistance. if contact points between different to avoid creating brownouts, and heat losses of power or wear and tear on equipment. We have calibrated equipment and trained personnel for the execution.

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LV Applied voltage

The test of applied voltage helps us verify the dielectric strength of the equipment and materials in the manufacturing process or product quality control or maintenance of which met with very particular needs in terms of usability of the switchboard.


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Current injection

to individual set  as switches, current transformers, reclosers, disconnectors, consists of applying current similar to the operation of the equipment to verify protection schemes, tripping curves, transformation ratios, Tests intensities. They are essential in the implementation, maintenance, or after having made ??significant changes to the electrical system.

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Functional Test

Functional Tests are made to one or more computers together and is carrying out mechanical and electrical tests in accordance with the principle of operation.

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Protection Releys Test

Testing of protection relays. Are made to fit each type of relay, so exhaustive checking the trigger combinations diferntes protective relay. to verify the reliability of the protection relays in a power system.

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Earthing tests

 Used to determine the soil resistance in Ohms and comparative method indicates the quality of the land to clear a fault and the system ground does not present a hazard to personnel.

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Thermographic study

Thermographic study is an important diagnostic tool that allows to foresee a failure to take action in a planned correction. It is performed with special tools and through an analysis performed by trained personnel in the art hot spots that reveal operational problems and by written report, color and easy understanding of the actions to take to correct the fault recommend are determined. The periodic realization of a thermal path for fault detection, testing calculation correction of previous faults before and after general maintenance, Ensuring greater useful life of equipment, decrease in maintenance activities and a more efficient use of energy is recommended.

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Oil Samples

The analysis of the Transformer oil is a diagnostic test that is performed without interrupting the operation of the equipment and to determine operational status and condition of transformer insulating oil. It is done by sampling the oil, which undergo studies as: Physical-Chemical analisi, gas chromatography, furans content / metal / moisture / solids, acidity inidice, interfacial stress, among others. The written report of the analysis of the oil to determine the useful life of equipment, specific maintenance plan and provides historical information on the equipment.

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Technical Support for commissioning & start of electrical and electromechanical systems

The service department in this area has different procedures, skills and competencies that ensure compliance with the requirements in the different types of processes to ensure the correct final delivery and commissioning of our equipment at our customer facilities throughout the country and in countries of the Andean region. Our implementation and commissioning processes ensure the quality of activities by planning, monitoring and support at various levels that the commissioning of electrical systems in medium and low voltage required. Resulting in a smooth and trouble free start up and operation with the highest levels of reliability in the system.

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Upgrade, Retrofitting, overhauling and improvement of electrical and electromechanical systems.

The competitiveness of our company in the petrochemical industry is supported by solutions that allows the modernization or retrofitting of electrical systems, hence achieving reduction of maintenance costs, reduced downtime costs and increased reliability in the product, facilities and its operation; always protecting the environment. 


Updating and improving existing systems in medium and low voltage, and reciprocating equipment modernization using products of ALTRONIC is always an feasible option. Cost –efficient advantages are met when retrofitting a current deployed system.

The updating or retrofitting of electromechanical equipment in medium and low voltage is always an option, prior diagnosis and evaluation of system reliability. FTC Energy Group validate the feasibility of upgrading or in case of a better option would recommend any other sort of systems optimization approach to renew entirely an obsolete infrastructure to achieve increased  levels of reliability and efficiency of electricity use much higher than they would have attained through modernization of existing equipment.

In any case it is always the customer who held the final decision and decides the course of action on what to do in their facilities. Either way FTC energy Group would accompany the process putting at the customer service all the know-how, support and adequate equipment to meet their goals.

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Assembly, installation and commissioning of electrical systems.

Generally speaking each product sold generates an associated service for installation and commissioning, this has been the specialty of the service department since its inception. The nature of the department is to provide timely and flexible support for each product that leaves our facility, this being an extension field of engineering work done in our facilities. 


The service department through the assembly and field installation of our products is who ensures on site the overall customer satisfaction through timely delivery and commissioning of systems, under criteria of reliability, security and operational optimization in compliance with current standards. 


In the same way the department performs on site a preventive and corrective maintenance rendered by a group of qualified personnel and various test equipment to ensure compliance with standards and technical regulations, this is what we call a full turnkey project in which FTC energy Group is fully involve from the initial customer request to the final deploy of the system. 

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Preventive / corrective maintenance of substations and electrical panels in BT-MT

Service verification, adjustment, cleaning and change of components in Internal substations or electrical boards as: 
-control center stationary engines and removable
- Manual or automatic transfers
- Manual or automatic sync
- Power centers
- Capacitor banks
- Protection boards
- Distribution boards
- Measurement boards
- Board battery chargers

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Realization services or upgrade of electrical drawings

With qualified technical personnel is done at customer , lifting information for accomplishment of line diagrams (data equipment , busbars , cables, cell dimensions , etc. ) , power and control planes , planes shelves - products - boards ( on architectural plan of the client identifies the location color , size, levels of tension) installation drawings according to nomenclature , symbolism of prevention , single line in each panel ò SE, marquillado switches and control elements and signaling ) .
ducts - - second range, and physical planes in magnetic , installation of signaling and Uprising marquillas site information necessary for the realization of line diagrams , power and control planes , planes are delivered trays boards, signage boards and marquillado and equipment in accordance with blueprints.

According scope , plans in physical and magnetic , installation of signaling and delivered marquillas

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design, installation, maintenance of Energy Management Systems

Based on the information of installed plant and specification of customer needs, design a custom power management that will allow customers to measure , monitor and control the various electrical variables , such as chargeability of transformers is performed , high energy consumption , indicator event alarms in the electrical system, automated measurement of consumer reports , energy costs for equipment and cells, power quality , operation records , making shots of protection , among other applications . Conducted from conceptual design , installation of network analyzers, PT 's, TC 'S, trigger coils , control wiring, communication wiring , switches motorization , installation of sirens and alarms, to the personalization of power management software . Design and implementation of customized energy management system that will allow the customer to perform ongoing monitoring electrical variables, output transformers, main , important loads cells. According to customer specifications, the system will allow to generate alarms , receive periodic reports , determine consumption costs , operation records , making shooting protection , etc. .

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