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OIL AND GAS Power Solutions

Our Response to the most demanding oil and gas industry needs

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Meet the innovative GTI Bi-Fuel technology

The response to greener adn more efficient operation of reciprocating equipment

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Our LV & MV line of products

Discover more about our core business as panel builders

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ALTRONIC World Leader

Meet the best and largest line of products for ignition, instrumentation and control of recirprocating equipment

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Esta vez en compañía de la empresa Brasilera líder en sistemas de gestión energética.

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Contenedores modulares que integran todas neutras soluciones

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Integration and Distributions

Integration and Distributions

FTC ENERGY GROUP has developed collaborative relationships with suppliers for decades in order to facilitate the integration of its products in finished products; this enables a wide products offer from the best manufactures to be available through our products.


The integration of products consists in the assembly of a  finished product using critical components of specialized manufacturers. The integration of specialized products allows the unification of criteria and know-how between the manufacturer and integrator provide comprehensive solutions to the end costumer which requires high levels of specification.


The integration of specialized products allows us to establish close relationships with suppliers through training programs and training in key products, so that FTC Energy Group SA can act as a link with the end customer for the adaptation of these technologies to the needs of particular industrial consumers.


The figure of integration has led to FTC Energy Group to link more closely with some international providers to directly promote their products through direct sales this figure which allows a retail product distribution scheme in which we supply part and components instead of the product integrated into a final switchboard.


This is how FTC Energy Group has won high degree of specialization in the management of certain brands for which the manufacturers have empowered our company for a dealership nationwide.


DSE Deep SEA Manufactures control and monitoring equipment for generators


DSE has been designing and delivering market leading engine & generator control modules and accessories, ATS control modules and battery chargers for over 35 years. In 2010 the company diversified its electronics expertise and started designing and manufacturing bespoke LED lighting solutions for commercial applications. Based in the heart of North Yorkshire, England, DSE is based within state of the art premises that house both head office and manufacturing facilities. All products are manufactured on-site within their 15,000 Sq Ft facility that is home to five surface mount lines, automated testing equipment and a team of staff dedicated to producing products of the highest quality.


Their extensive collection of products fall within our four clear brand identies. These are DSEGenset (Industry Leading Generator Control Modules), DSEAts (Dedicated Auto Transfer Switch Control Modules), DSEPower (Intelligent Battery Chargers and Power Supplies) and DSELight (Advanced LED Boards, LED Drivers and Control Solutions). Each brand name incorporates a varied selection of products that meet the demands of their customers.


The DSE Support Network carries an excellent reputation for its ability to resolve customer enquiries quickly and professionally regardless of where in the world they are located. The company has dedicated support staff across six continents that are able to respond to customers needs immediately.



FTC Energy Group SA has had a business  relationship with PC & S for over twenty years. Through trust and good brand management in the Colombian market PC & S has relied on FTC Energy Group for both the integration of its products and for the exclusive distribution of the these through direct selling in the Colombian market place.


PC&S has 20 plus years of experience in manufacturing and product distribution. They supply quality instruments and components for the measurement and control of AC and DC power and transit systems. 

PC&S offers a wide range of products offering solutions to any generation, transmission and electrical energy consumption process in the industrial, building and domestic sectors.


PC&S specializes in power measurement and controls.  They are manufacturers and suppliers of electrical products and provide: Analog Panel Meters, Digital Panel Meters, Power Meters and Monitoring Systems, Generator Controllers, Transducers, Protective Relays, Current and Potential (Voltage) Transformers, Shunts, Instrument and Voltage/Change Switches, Battery Chargers, and DC Contactors for Industrial and Transit Applications.



Serving The Oil and Natural Gas Industry Worldwide

Stitt is already a well known player in de industrial spark plug market for a very long time. Stitt technology is not based on automotive activities as it only carrier an industrial spark plug line.


There is no other manufacturer that carries such a large number of different plug models. Also unique are the "barrel-extended" plugs that allows users to skip the use of additional spark plug extensions to bridge the length of a spark plug hole, that can be quite long - particularly in large engines.


Stitt management began working with the major heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturers in Europe, in programs to convert some of their products to spark-ignited gas engines as pipelines made natural gas more available.


The successes of those programs resulted in Stitt supplying its specialized spark plugs as original equipment to major manufacturers of gas engines.


Today's Stitt Spark Plug Company is one of the oldest continuously active spark plug manufacturers in the world and continues to improve its product line with innovative technologies.


BG Quality Products

The BG Corporation was founded in 1918 in New York for the purpose of developing a reliable aircraft spark plug for an aircraft industry that was in its infancy. The company's pioneering work in mica insulator design, heat transfer, and electrode configuration yielded such good results that commercial success quickly followed. In the aviation world, the "BG" name came to symbolize quality.


 In the two decades following the war, the transition in the aircraft industry from reciprocating engines to jet engines significantly reduced the need for the company's products. In 1964 the BG Corporation was disbanded and The BG Service Company was formed for the purpose of supplying BG spark plugs for stationary gas engines.


The industrial gas engine market posed new challenges. Industrial engines ran continuously day and night, year after year. The environment was dirty. Downtime was expensive and the emphasis was on production. Engine maintenance was often poor. Spark plug cables and connectors often failed before the spark plug, unable to handle the ever-increasing demand voltages that were the product of "clean burn" engine technology advances.


Today BG is a leading designer and manufacturer of cable assemblies and connecting devices for gas engines - both reciprocating and turbine. Applications include industrial, automotive and aerospace.


Products include a wide range of spark plug extensions and primary & secondary ignition cables, turbine igniter leads, as well as cable assemblies and devices for control of signal processing. The company also manufactures industrial spark plugs using a proprietary silver-cast manufacturing process that results in optimum heat transfer and longer plug life. 

BG Quality Products BG Quality Products BG Quality Products BG Quality Products


ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH (former RFT Kondensatorenwerk Gera) have been associated with the manufacture of capacitors in Gera since the late 1930s, when the SIEMENS organisation moved part of their production facility from Berlin to eastern Thuringia in the heart of Germany.


Since then, the company has extended considerably. Highest quality and reliability of all products have been the core of our philosophy from the very start. Continual development in its product ranges has resulted in ELECTRONICON becoming one of Europe's leading capacitor manufacturers supplying customers worldwide.


The company employs about four hundred and fifty qualified engineers and skilled workers in its manufacturing facilities, producing capacitors for lighting, motor, and power electronics applications, further components, modules and capacitor banks for power factor correction.

Regular investment in advanced and environmentally sound technologies guarantees the highest level in manufacture and quality to modern standards which are approved by standard authorities all over the world.


The ELECTRONICON system of quality assurance has been approved by the TÜV organisation to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Since 1985 the company has also been in a position to offer metallized dielectric material complying with highest technical standards. This guarantees an uninterrupted quality control of all relevant manufacturing stage.


SENS DC power systems

SENS is now the leading supplier of high reliability DC power supplies / chargers to the standby and emergency generator (Gen Set) market. It is a major and rapidly growing supplier to the utility, oil & gas, and process control markets. Key customers include General Electric, Caterpillar, numerous electric utilities, and manufacturers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries SENS highly reliable stationary industrial battery chargers and DC power systems cut downtime risk and cost in critical applications including electric utility, oil and gas and process control.

Blackouts and poor power quality are inevitable - with one exception. Your mission-critical systems can keep running with SENS ultra-reliable chargers and DC power systems providing non-stop power. 

SENS is a partner in the success of many large energy companies, utilities, and other organizations that depend on non-stop electric power.


SENS non-stop DC power systems mission-critical filtered chargers and engine star chragers keep vital industries in business by helping insure against the risk of loss of life and property in case of commercial power outage.


SENS is synonymous with reliability. Their battery charging algorithms bring out the battery’s full life and performance potential. SENS meticulous design and quality control delivers charger reliability as close to "bulletproof" as is technically possible. For SENS users these dual reliability advantages mean lowest risk of costly downtime.


Many customers praise their high-energy, responsive service. Everyone on the SENS team understands the critical nature of customer operations, and shares the vision that fast, accurate service is important to you. Their lean production sytem, for example, delivers a combination of high quality, fast delivery and competitive pricing that is unique to SENS.


SENS is a partner in the success of many energy, utility, communication, and process manufacturing companies. We look forward to becoming a partner in your success.

SENS products and services help insure the uninterrupted operation of the infrastructure supporting modern life, including:

Main utility electric power

Stand by electric power

Automatedproduction systems


Oil and Gas production and transportation

SENS DC power systems


FTC Energy Group Inc. Has built relationships based on trust and mutual respect with the major multinational manufacturers of electrical equipment.  FTC Energy Group´s business is the development of engineering projects with high levels of mechanical and electrical design for integral energy. Thus the assembly is fundamental in the nature of the business in order to deliver products that exceed quality expectations of our customers.


FTC Energy Group uses components from the most recognized manufacturers in the industry. From the most basic components of the assembly process to the most sophisticated equipment we take care in making a careful selection of supplies and suppliers to ensure quality throughout the process.


We serve the diverse needs of our industrial customers with versatility, requirements or brand affinities that our customers may have with each one of the various manufacturers: ABB, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, SIEMENS & EATON are our suppliers and partners for the supply of control components. With every one of our vendors we have maintained a solid relation since the inception of the company since 1984.


The proximity and good relations with our suppliers allow us to provide our clients the necessary support in the development of projects ensuring manufacturer's technical support, product availability in the best possible technical and commercial conditions. Integrating products of such well-known brands allows us to build our projects on efficient partnerships and shared responsibilities that are transmissible to our customers in search of total satisfaction.


Our suppliers provide us continuous  training allowing our work force to have a full understanding of their offer generating in our team high levels of technical expertise and knowledge of a wide  offer of products . The unconditional supports these brands have provided us ensure that we are delivering the best products to market.



E Instruments International

Designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of innovative instrumentation solutions encompassing Combustion Gas Analyzers, Emissions Analyzers, Indoor Air Quality, and Calibration equipment especially designed for the power, process, industrial, institutional, food, and HVAC markets.

Customer Support and Applications expertise are fundamental to E Instruments’ success in providing quality combustion analysers.

Our Calibration Laboratories provide high quality calibration services in a prompt and timely fashion. Our services include Gas Calibrations using EPA protocol gases and NIST Traceable Calibration services in our ISO17025 accredited laboratory.


WEG automation

As part of the Brazilian multinational WEG, FTC Energy Group SAIt has the technical and financial support to provide high value-added solutions to a broad segment of industries that require optimization of their electrical resources.

FTC Energy Group SA is able to integrate and provide electrical WEG equipment in panels to suit different needs

WEG automation WEG automation WEG automation WEG automation WEG automation WEG automation WEG automation WEG automation

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