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FTC Energy Group S.A.  was founded in 1984 in the city of Bogota, as a result of the entrepreneurship resulting of a  "spin off" of the traditional company DISNAEQUIPOS SA. A company dedicated since 1979 to meet the country's energy needs in the areas of procurement, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of industrial and oil and gas installations achieving significant develop on large projects in our country. Today DISNAEQUIPOS SA represents recognized international companies in Colombia. 


FTC Building Energy Group was created to serve new markets in the field of electromechanical engineering. At that time due to heavy import restrictions it was difficult to find affordable low and medium voltage equipment at reasonable prices. The implementing macroeconomic protectionist measures in Colombia made it an isolated and difficult market to access for foreign manufacturers of electrical equipment in low and medium voltage. This sort of economic restriction boosted innovation and entrepreneurship for the emergence of domestic firms able to provide reliable electrical equipment associated with the operation of generators, gen sets and other power plants that were part of the comprehensive range of DISNAEQUIPOS portfolio  in their construction and maintenance projects in industrial facilities.


This circumstantial venture promoted the formalization of FTC Energy Group S.A. to establish the company as Panel builder. the company would soon begin to not only meet the demand generated for projects dedicated to it mother company  DISNAEQUIPOS but it began consolidating new operational autonomy through the development of new telecommunications customers and some other manufacturers of equipment for power generation who needed panel for power control and distribution in their power plants.


With the arrival of new participants in the market and the emergence of new technologies and trends in the electrical field. FTC Energy Group Inc. detects the opportunity to go a step beyond the supply of electrical equipment that was becoming a very standardized technology in a highly competitive industry. Thus the company started a transformation process setting a different value proposition focused on specialization in supplying electrical equipment to industries that demand higher level of specifications and requirements in equipment in low and medium voltage.


The company worked under the trade name FTC Ltda Acronyms for Fabrica de Tableros Ltda. Since 2006, as part of a growth process the company changed its trade name to FTC Energy Group S.A.  retaining the essence of its name and maintaining its good position in its target market. FTC Energy Group SA products are widely recognized and have been distributed throughout the national territory especially in companies in the Oil and Gas industry, where it is easy to find products in service even dating back to the time where FTC Energy Group was simply known for its short acronyms.


The twentieth century brought to FTC a reorienting process where a redefinition of its mission as a company was implemented. Understanding the new requirements, benefits and challenges of a globalized world FTC Energy Group S.A. developed a strategy to expand its scope and diversify its services through the adoption of international strategic alliances, which up to now the company has consolidated through various figures of representation, distribution and licensing.


With a business relationship close to 15 years FTC Energy Group S.A.  distributes products of PC & S Multitek a North American company which offers a wide range of products for measurement and control for power for generation equipment, transmission and energy consumption in the industrial and commercial sector.


Since 2001 FTC Energy Group S.A.  distributes and represents exclusively ALTRONIC products in Colombia. Altronic is also a North American company leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ignition products, instrumentation and control systems for industrial engines. Since 2006 FTC Energy Group is given the master distributorship of the GTI Bi-Fuel System line of products. This is  an innovative proprietary technology of conversion systems develop by ALTRONIC that works as an easy retrofit for engines to allow bi-fuel operation with substitution percentage of  the Diesel fuel by Natural Gas.


In the same direction of the previous international alliances FTC Energy Group S.A. perused a new partnership to enhance its core business unit of electro-mechanical engineering in low and medium voltage. New regulations in the electric sector forced the adoption of new technologies that were introduced to the company in 2003 through the strategic alliance with the leading Spanish company CONSONNI.


This European market leader in electromechanical constructions in medium and low voltage facilitated the introduction of new highly differentiated products to the current offer through technology licensing agreement. The adoption of new best practices in manufacturing and design helped in the development of new products that are certified under international standards to ensure quality and safety for facilities and people.

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Who We Are?


FTC Energy Group Inc. It is a Colombian Electro-Mechanical Engineering company, established in 1984 to provide comprehensive solutions and high quality products to various set of industries interested in a more rational and efficient use of its energy resources.


Located in the city of Bogotá D.C. just in the heart of Colombia, The company has privilege location just minutes away from El Dorado International Airport is also close the most important center of trade shows and exhibitions in the country. Around the area are also located important logistics centers and the central financial area of the district which facilitates timely reach to customers and suppliers and other entities.


For nearly three decades in the market the company has cultivated an expertise where its core business lies in helping customers make more efficient use of energy through the design, assembly, installation, commissioning and service of electro-mechanical equipment with superior quality. The deployment of such products facilitates efficient operations and a reliable electricity supply that is always available, uninterrupted and safe for people and facilities resulting in profitability and efficiency in the business of our customers.


FTC Energy Group Inc. is committed to increasing industrial productivity of its customers in a sustainable manner through its comprehensive range of products and customized services that are designed to comply with the most diverse, demanding and specific needs of important sectors in the national economy such oil and gas and power generation.

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 What We Do?


We ensure reliable power architecture, with electricity that is available, uninterrupted and safe for people and facilities by providing solutions in industrial energy management. 


The integral energy management is the answer to the needs of our industrial customers who use energy as a raw material for the development of its operations. 


Regardless of the industry, energy is the primary ingredient to manufacture, market, sell or make any type of industrial or commercial operation. Similarly regardless of the source, any electric power needs to be distributed, monitored and controlled safely and efficiently.


The efficient distribution, monitoring and control of energy are achieved through optimization of power available in the electric architecture of any given industry. This optimization is achieved through the implementation of strategic plans in efficient energy management.


We support companies for the correct implementation these schemes. 


These strategic plans involve particular needs of the various industrial customers, for which FTC Energy Group develops detailed engineering processes which involves mechanical and electrical design, procurement of the best materials available, commercial and technical management which is materialized in the manufacture and assembly of electro-mechanical equipment under rigorous standards of quality and manufacturing aligned to national regulations or other foreign standards contained in the  European norms IEC   or American standards  ANSI.


Some of the products that potentiate the best use of energy within the range of FTC Energy Group portfolio include electrical control and distribution switchboards in low and medium voltage, synchronizing and paralleling switchboards, medium voltage switchgear, motor control centers MCC, electrical substations and systems for power factor correction to name just a few.


Within the company's comprehensive offering is also the exclusive representation of ALTRONIC and GTI Bi-Fuel by ALTRONIC, leading American company providing ignition systems for reciprocating engines and industrial equipment, as well as a complete line of sophisticated equipment instrumentation, monitoring and control of industrial motors.


FTC Energy Group SA has distributed exclusively ALTRONIC products in the country for more than 10 years, ensuring the support, sales and technical knowledge and after sales service of products ALTRONIC




In FTC Energy Group SA we work every day focused on developing projects that provide solutions for the optimal use of energy in the processes of our customers so they can focus all their energy on developing their business.

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Business Units



The Engineering business unit is a highly specialized area integrated by professionals profiles involved in the design, procurement, project management, technical and commercial management, routing, production and execution of electromechanical engineering projects in low and medium voltage.


This strategic business unit, manages projects and provides comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of industrial customers. It has been through 28 years of existence of FTC Energy Group  the company's core business as panel builder.



The ALTRONIC-GTI BiFuel unit is evidence of a successful outcome of the strategy proposed by FTC Energy Group to provide global scope to its business strategy.


The beginning of the XXI Century brought to FTC Energy Group the urgent need to diversify its portfolio of products to address new markets and align with global trends of globalization. It is from 2001 then, when FTC Energy Group takes on the challenge of representing one of the most traditional American companies and market leader in the field of ignition systems, instrumentation devices, monitoring and control of reciprocating equipment (motors, pumps, generators and industrial compressors).


The good results obtained in the management, performance and brand positioning in Colombia of the ALTRONIC brand gave our company the chance to further extend the scope as representatives in Colombia by also representing the innovative GTI Bi-Fuel line of products in the markets of Colombia and Ecuador. This technology enables the engines, compressors, pumps and other reciprocating equipment to operate with a Natural Gas at a substitution rate up to 70%  over the Diesel Fuel



The service unit has undergone significant changes in recent years. From a strategic decision to create value through a comprehensive range of services that not only complement the current product offering, but timely provide professional services in areas of electrical engineering at low and medium voltage and the systems associated with the ALTRONIC brand.


This business unit integrates three key areas which give off a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from training to commissioning of electrical systems. These three areas are: training, testing and specialized services. We can offer numerous services even those without the standard list of offerings as our basic promise is to meet specific need so we can accommodate our know how to serve these needs across the country and even in the surrounding countries of the Andean region. .



 The international strategic alliances have become so important in positioning and brand recognition for FTC Energy group that it has become an entirely independent business unit within the organization. We have designated staff and resources specifically aimed at strengthening and implementing projects that promote development of these alliances in Colombia and South America.


Such is the case of the FTC Energy Group alliance with CONSONNI, Spain. Through mutual cooperation and confidence we have reached the highest level of cooperation and synergies to the adoption of new technologies and best business practices in our company.


Integration and Distribution


The business nature of FTC Energy Group as electrical panel builder in medium and low voltage implies the close relationship with manufacturers of electrical and mechanical equipment. The evolution of this relationship has led to a deep knowledge of technical and commercial parameters of various lines of products of different and global well known manufactures.


Hence, the task of integrating these products in our panels has shifted to direct distribution of some of the products that we commonly integrate in our panels. In some cases acting as exclusive dealers of foreign companies has  allow us  to compete with prices , timely service and quality products of international recognized brands in Colombia as it the case of PC&S.


Depending on our customer needs we can manufacture an entire project using these component or we can act as middle man in the transactional process.


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Quick Facts
  • ALTRONIC exclusive distributors in Colombia
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