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OIL AND GAS Power Solutions

Our Response to the most demanding oil and gas industry needs

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Meet the innovative GTI Bi-Fuel technology

The response to greener adn more efficient operation of reciprocating equipment

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Our LV & MV line of products

Discover more about our core business as panel builders

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ALTRONIC World Leader

Meet the best and largest line of products for ignition, instrumentation and control of recirprocating equipment

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Keep changing keep growing

Esta vez en compañía de la empresa Brasilera líder en sistemas de gestión energética.

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Contenedores modulares que integran todas neutras soluciones

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A Satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

                                                                           - Michael LeBoeuf-


The industrial market unlike the consumer market differs more by the nature of the client than for the nature of the product. Understanding the specific needs of our market becomes a competitive advantage when it comes to design, market, assemble our products and offer services to the industrial market, for which our products are designed. The Industrial market transactions generally involve a strategic analysis and participation of several specialists to assess the needs of purchase; these transactions typically imply to industrial customers a large proportion of their investment and operating costs hence its importance.


In FTC Energy Group we understand that we do not only sell products but we provide the means and tools for industries to operate safely, efficiently, and with a reliable and continuous source of power. Power assets that we optimize so companies can develop their operations with peace of mind.


We aware of the functional interdependence between industrial companies and us as their suppliers of capital goods. Given the complexity and sophistication of the products we offer, customers require not just an occasional supplier, but a partner that ensures permanent improvements in quality parameters. We are compromised to supply quality equipment to exceed economic and technical.


To be true allies of our customers, we have focused on providing solutions through project management, a concept that implies a higher level of involvement with the client from conception of the project, during implementation and subsequent realization and servicing.


We have the versatility to meet the most specific and demanding needs of companies that are unique in the industrial markets such the Oil and Gas industry a sector that presents operational and strategic challenges that require customized solutions. This is our specialty, providing efficient solutions to particular requirements. Each of our products is unique because each need of our  customers is also unique.




Our Segments


FTC Energy Group has improved its operations and product portfolio to serve the needs of the Oil and Gas industry. This is a very demanding sector in terms of their management and technical requirements to their suppliers. Despite the challenges of this sector. FTC Energy Group has managed to align their corporate practices focusing on developing a range of products and comprehensive services to satisfy the requirements of this industry.


By adopting an integrated management system focused on quality, safety and environmental protection along with a broad portfolio of world class quality products we have reached and maintain a favorable position in the oil and gas sector.


Despite the importance of this sector FTC Energy Group has managed to convey the efficiencies achieved by working for this industry to address segments of equal importance, as the companies providing public services, the construction and infrastructure sector and general industry.


 All these sectors have a common need to make a rational and efficient use of power resources to optimize their operations and ensure safety, reliability and continuous electrical resource for carrying out its objects so they can productively satisfy the needs of their own customers and consumers.


 Explore the tabs below to see how FTC Energy Group can contribute to the production processes of these sectors.


Oil & Gas

We help optimize the energy of the industry that produces the energy that moves the world!


The oil and gas industry has one of the most intricate operating systems than any industry may face. His macro processes of exploration, drilling, extraction, refining and transportation have in themselves a number of threads involving internal operational challenges.


This industry presents geographical, geopolitical, operational and economic challenges which require the development of production and administrative efficiencies at various levels in order to address these challenges.


Energy as a prerequisite for the development of all activities of the Oil and Gas industry so managing this resource becomes a key success factor. The large energy demands of this industry make a priority the optimization of electricity so that they can improve its profitability. Energy management helps optimizing energy consumption which is an important component of the operating expenses in the oil and gas industry.


FTC Energy Group understands the challenges of this industry and has aligned its strategy, processes and portfolio to address satisfactorily the demands and challenges of being a strategic partner for the Oil and Gas industry.


The Oil and Gas sector is the most important strategic segment for the company. The representation of ALTRONIC in Colombia helped us get new expertise in the Oil and Gas market. ALTRONIC products have been developed over the years to successfully meet the need of the Oil and Gas Industry. They have been designed and distributed within the industry for years, their products are certified for hazardous locations and are not only the industry standard but they have  lead the reinvention of new technologies and redefining the standards of security, reliability and efficiency within this segment.


FTC Energy Group has certified its processes and products in order to have a comprehensive offering that will be technically and economically attractive to the Oil and Gas industry. The Oil and Gas companies are very demanding with their contractors not only in the quality of its products, but also in the successful implementation of management parameters in Industrial Safety, Health and Environment. FTC Energy Group is continuously audited in these parameters through the rating issued by the Colombian Safety Council. The rating RUC is then a reference to the company's commitment to compliance with uniform standards in accordance with the requirements of the Oil and Gas industry. (Additional information about the RUC in section HSEQ).


Utilities are large industries or industry clusters responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the various segments of public available services such telecommunications, water, wastewater, energy, domiciliary natural gas and others. Its composition is so diverse that many of them are conform by mixed private and public capital while others are exclusive state own and depending on their strategic importance states establish monopolies to provide this services that are highly regulated and challenging for contractors.


The utilities play the critical role to meet the always increasing demand of public services that for modern life in cities and in rural areas are crucial. Their consumer base is elevated so they need to generate very high levels of production efficiencies to meet high levels of demand by millions of users. 


FTC Energy Group has traditionally been an important ally of utilities in telecommunications and more recently in companies supplying natural gas to various industrial applications. 


FTC Energy Group has a substantial installed base of products installed in the telecommunications sector, which we continue to serve by offering updates and promoting the development of applications with new technologies for operational improvement, cost reduction, and compliance with new regulations for the contribution to environmental protection by adapting equipment that significatively reduce the carbon footprint of the utilities.


Construction and Infrastructure


Despite this sector has not being one of our traditionally strong markets.  The residential and commercial buildings represent  one of the largest percentages in the overall energy consumption, buildings worldwide represent about 40% of the energy consumption around the world, with lighting, security, HVAC, telecommunications constantly being used in these infrastructures, energy optimization becomes a must in residential and commercial buildings.


With new trends in cogeneration in buildings FTC Energy Group has found new niches for their products, both in our traditional product line as well as in the entire ALTRONIC-GTI systems portfolio. We can enable engines to be fitted with bi-fuel systems so generators can use natural gas as prime power therefore saving lot of money as well as contributing in reducing the footprint of such infrastructures.


Infrastructure in Colombia is just recently being developed, with many projects still to be done in areas of roads, airports, buildings, ports among others, the challenges in this area require the application of validated and proven technologies in countries that have already had one transformation in infrastructure, hence FTC Energy Group has the support of international companies which have supplied equipment that contribute to the development of their countries, as in the case of PC & S, ELECTRONICON and  Consonni.


The adoption of new technologies in this field and the boom in new project of infrastructure in Colombia are transforming this sector into a more sophisticated one. One that require solutions required to meet more specialized demands and requirements, and that is where FTC Energy Group has been able to transfer all his knowledge and technical advances obtained in response to other industries, to make them available to this sector that day in day out is more active and focused on the development of rational consumption efficiencies in electricity management. Their awareness and adoption of new technologies to the care of the environment has opened a new panorama that our company is ready to contribute with solution, products and project to effectively implement strategies in energy management and efficient rationalization of electricity.


Industry as the generic term to make reference  to all the companies in charge of boosting consumption through the production of raw materials, mining, food & beverage production, manufacturing of finished products and companies who process materials.


For its size, heterogeneity and diverse levels of expertise companies in these sectors require allies with different profiles and strengths to meet specific needs. FTC Energy Group due to its diverse portfolio has succeeded in bringing together and addressing a large group of these industries by offering specialized goods to diverse needs. With ALTRONIC portfolio of products we have been able to successfully address many needs from companies in the  agricultural business which actively use industrial engines and other reciprocating equipment to self-power generation as they commonly are off the public network.  


Heavy industries such as mining, cement plants, wastewater treatment also represent a selection of the industries whose operating levels require tough, safe and reliable electric component, devices and products for the control, monitoring and final distribution of energy for these companies FTC Energy Group provides solutions that have proven satisfactory in the Oil and Gas industry where the level of sophistication, security and reliability of the products can be perfectly adapted to be used in various applications across these industries.

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Featured Projects


FTC Energy Group in conjunction with ABB supplied in May 2012 to his client Impointer equipment, manuals and training of 18 columns of TTA tested CCM's  and internal arc withstand, 220V-800A with all kinds of starters (direct soft , star-delta), were used in its construction UMC intelligent relays, these equipment was installed in the trainning  laboratories of  SENA the national learning systemin in the cities of Medellin, Barranquilla and Cali.

C&C energía LV Shelters

Una experiencia reciente que evidencia la aplicación
exitosa de este tipo de soluciones flexibles en la industria Oil and Gas, fue
implementada a finales del año 2011 para la empresa C&C Energía una compañía canadiense del sector  con operaciones en Colombia en
cuatro bloques del área de Casanare central en la denominada Cuenca de los
Llanos. FTC Energy Group desarrollo un proyecto llave en mano que comprendía
el diseño, ensamble, instalación y puesta en marcha de varios contenedores de
la línea Oil and Gas Power Solutions para
la gestión de energía, su implementación permitió la modernización de la
infraestructura eléctrica en el nuevo centro de procesamiento de fluidos en los
campos carrizales y bastidas. Ampliando así la capacidad de  C&C energía para el manejo de la
producción actual más la incremental proveniente de la perforación de pozos en

El grupo de estaciones móviles prefabricadas
suministradas para este proyecto  incluía
el acoplamiento  en sitio de dos
contenedores de 11 mt para la formación de una pieza integral de 22mt, que
permitiera la amplitud necesaria para albergar centros de potencia de 6000A -
480VAC y previendo la adición de equipo 
en el futuro. Este grupo de contenedores integraba Centros de Potencia para
la protección  de 8 unidades generadoras
de 2 Megavatios,  alimentan dos transformadores de
distribución también de  2 Megavatios y protegen
las  principales bombas Booster de este

Este proyecto también incluye contenedores con centros
de control de motores formados por columnas de fabricación
normalizada los cuales tienen la función de controlar y proteger los equipos de manejo de bombas de alta
presión de reinyección de agua, motores y servicios generales de estos campos.  

Los Power center y CCM´s  son de la línea FTC - CONSONNI los cuales se
fabrican por FTC Energy Group en su
planta de Bogotá, Colombia. Cumpliendo todos los requerimientos exigidos por
los estándares referenciados en el Reglamento Técnico de Instalaciones
Eléctricas RETIE  y con certificaciones de tercera parte a
través de el laboratorios internacionales en España e Italia de acuerdo a las normas
IEC - 61439-1/2, IEC – 61641 y la IEC 60529 en las que se realizaron pruebas de:

Verificación de limites de temperatura

Verificación de propiedades dieléctricas

Verificación de la capacidad de
resistencia a los cortocircuitos

Verificación de la efectividad del
circuito de protección

Verificación de operación mecánica

Verificación de la resistencia al calor

Verificación del grado de protección

Verificación de la resistencia a la

Prueba de resistencia al Arco interno las cuales certifican la protección
y el control del proceso bajo el concepto de Arc Free Zone, Para acogerse a la norma  IEC – 61641.

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