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We grow along with our STRATEGIC ALLIANCES

Description CE CONSONNI

Guided by our corporate vision we have sought technical support from a company with similar goals to ours, in order to provide our customers a complete line of products focused on the control, protection and management of electrical power.

FTC Energy Group Inc. through licensing agreement with technical support rendered by CE Consonni Inc. an Spanish manufacturer of MV, LV Power Center and Motor Control Centers of B.T.

The FTC Energy Group Inc. - C.E. Consonni alliance provides a new alternative in a demanding and highly competitive market.

C.E. Consonni Inc. was founded in 1952 with headquarters in Bilbao (Spain) and has extensive global experience providing  Switchgear, Power Center Low Voltage and Low Voltage MCC's.

FTC Energy Group Inc. has implemented a policy of continuous improvement aimed at continuous development in the design of our products through our strategic alliance with CONSONNI SA, Spain.

This policy has been materialized by applying expertise of CONSONNI to projects in Colombia which has allowed us to implement solutions that meet the most ambitious and challenging projects of our most demanding customers. Thus FTC Energy Group SA is committed to the implementation of advanced technologies helping the development of the Colombian market place.

The Alliance between FTC Energy Group and C.E. Consonni Inc. provides a new alternative in a demanding and highly competitive market.

Acerca de

C.E. Consonni, Inc. Founded  in October 1952.

Since its creation the company has undergone significant expansion national and internationally, with diversified activities such as power plants, fluid control, electrical assemblies, which resulted in a new branch company, named Construcciones Electromecánicas Consonni, S.A. which deals with the manufacture of electrical equipment of medium and low voltage. It also includes engineering, design, improvement, repair, installation, sales and services.

In 2007 is created an additional branch company by the name of  Constructiones Electromecanicas CE Consonni Aranda in Aranda de Duero, a facility of 1600 m2 and with all the machinery necessary for the assembly of  electrical cabinets and also specialized in handling containerized substations. CE Aranda employs 30 people. Of the more than a hundred people that Works for CONSONNI. 


La Alianza

Since January 2003 an alliance was consolidated FTC Energy Group S.A and CONSONNI decided to create synergies to serve the domestic Colombian market with products and solutions for power management with world class standards.

The search for partnerships and new ways to address an increasingly demanding and changing electrical industry impulse the design of a strategic alliance between two traditional companies in the industrial electrical market.

Through technology licensing FTC Energy Group SA Colombia offers products of high technical and quality standards based on proven technologies developed by CE CONSONNI. This process of appropriation of know-how developed over more than 50 years of expertise by CONSONNI CE allowed the transfer of technology into developing countries like Colombia so the market can have access to products and know-how imported from countries with a higher level of technological development. This will generate local alternatives to offer world-class solutions.

The development of collaborative business relationships has allowed the participation of CE CONSONNI on major projects in the Colombian market, where FTC Energy Group has implemented solutions using products developed under the criteria validated by CONSONNI production system. This relationship of mutual benefit has allowed the consolidation of another great synergy between Colombia-Spain. Through the three consecutive periods ratification of this agreement both companies agreed on how the goal have been met and the proposed synergies have been achieved which ensures the future availability  European technologies in the field of electromechanical engineering in the Colombian market.


2012 Proyecto SENA impointer:   Suministro de columnas de CCM normalizadas resistentes al Arco Interno y TTA Tested


 ISO 9001-2000

The quality assurance system implemented in CE CONSONNI  includes mechanical and electrical design

following parameters stated in ISO 9001 standard
developed and certified by BUREAU VERITAS.



Dynamic and short cut intensity 50kA, 1 sec and
125kA in mid-voltagebars.

Dynamic and short cut intensity 100kA, 1 sec and 260kA in mid-voltagebars.

Shockwave test up to 4.000A

Internal arc resistance 20kA, 0.5 sec in 24kV cells

Internal arc resistance 31.5kA, 0.5 sec in 12kV cells



  • M.V Distribution Switchboards
  • M.V Motor Control Centers
  • M.V. Trnsformer Center


  • Withdrawable motor control center in L.V
  • Fixed motro control center in L.V


  • Low Voltage distribution panels


  • L.V & M.V BusBar systems.
  • Panels for protection, control and maneuver



M.V. Switchboards


In withdrawable or fixed system, they can be fabricated for every application needed in different markets as: transformers protection, motor protection with circuit breaker (or contactor) in its different forms (direct on line starting, with autotransformer, reactance…),  “feeder” protection, capacitor bank protection, etc.

Withdrawable and compartimented basic execution with vacuum or SF6 breaking type circuit breakers (or contactors) according to IEC 62.271.200 standard. They can be manufactured also in fixed execution with the same stardard.
The internal arc execution included in most of the applications provides, together with  metallic compartmentation (Metalclad), the highest protection degree.


  • Main characteristics of the manufactured power centers:

Service voltage:  3,3 to 36 Kv

  • Rated frequency: 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Rated current: 400 to 4.000 A
  • Short time withstand rated current: 16 to 50 KA 1 sec. (*)
  • Rated peak current: 2,5 (50 Hz) or 2,7 (60 Hz) times the thermal current.
  • Isolation degree: according to IEC 60694 or ANSI 637.20 standard
  • Protection degree: up to IP4 x (*)
  • * Other values under request

M.V. Motor Control Centers


With similar features than Power Centers, including generally as protection element, vacuum or SF6 contactors.


L.V. Withdrawable MCC´s


Modular manufactured, can lodge withdrawable electrical equipment  for motor starting, “feeder” and other services.

The basic column can lodge up to 10 motor or feeder cubicles from 50 A to 20 cubicles of 25 A. Cubicles are of modular type, easy to convert in other sizes.

They can be linked to different power centers obtaining mixed sets. Every basic withdrawable panel has a six pole isolator switch mechanically interlocked with withdrawable truck to guarantee the highest security degrees.

General characteristics:

  • Manufacture standard:  IEC60439.1
    Service voltage: 690 V.
    Rated frequency: 50 o 60 Hz
    Rated current busbars: up to 5.000 A
    Rated current distribution bars: up to 750 A
    Short time withstand rated current busbars: up to 100 KA 1 sec.
    Short time withstand rated current distribution bars: up to 80 KA 1 sec.
    Rated peak current: up to 260 KA in busbars and 200 KA in distribution bars.
    Protection degree: IP42 (*)
    Compartmentation type 3b or 4b.

* Other values under request


L.V. MCC´s


Admit different solutions: individual compartmentation, fixed on removable plate, equiped with different kinds of control gear, etc.

General characteristics can reach similar values as described for  withdrawable motor control centers type SE


L.V. Power Centers


Manufactured in withdrawable or fixed system with different compartmentation to provide the highest protection degree.

Every circuit breaker can have an independent control compartment to allow manteinance, checking and fitting operations with voltage.

General characteristics:

  • Manufacture standard:  IEC60439.1
    Service voltage: 690 V.
    Rated frequency: 50 o 60 Hz
    Rated current: up to 6.300 A
    Short time withstand rated current: up to 100 KA 1 sec.
    Rated peak current: up to 260 KA.
    Protection degree: IP42 (*)
    Compartmentation type 3b o 4b.

* Other values under request


M.V. Outdoor Power Transformer Stations


Fabricated to lodge Medium and Low electrical equipment for a wide range of applications.

They can be manufactured in several sizes according to the lodged equipment with or without service passage.

Manufactured and tested with all the electrical equipment on the inside, so the whole station can be transported to his final place. The station is thermal isolated with several protection degrees.

In this station you can couple serveral modules to have a single big room.

Other features available: conditioned air, pressurisation, detection and fire fighting, peak pressure device, etc.

Standarized protection degree is IP54, other particular protection degrees under request.

including generally as protection element, vacuum or SF6 contactors.


M.V. & L.V. Bus ducts


They are manufactured in grouped busbars execution and steel or aluminium sheet enclosure depending on the rated current.

The isolation voltage, rated current, short circuit currents, protection degrees and other characteristics can be provided according to particular request.

Other specific characteristics available: epoxi isolation, expansion joints, wall crossing pieces, flexible joints, etc.

In M. V. we manufacture up to 36 Kv.


Control and Protection Panels


Manufactured in fixed system, with protection degree according to specific requests.

Control, protection and communication elements integrated, according to each specific request, with the possibility of SCADA system based on PLC of different manufacturers, including the programming.

We have experience in the integration of this electrical units in existing and new plants.

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